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“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce”

No crisis is ever anticipated. No club expects a manager to struggle or fail in their job. Yet worryingly for Everton the difficulties they face run the risk of going beyond the remit of just the manager. Deeper and more difficult questions begin to rear their heads. Why have 3 managers failed in little over 2 years? Why has so much money been misspent? To what extent are the board, or the owner culpable in what’s emerging as a sorry mess? The situation Everton find themselves in is slowly morphing itself from a singular crisis into what 20th century Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci noted as an organic crisis, whereby multiple layers of difficulties submerge together to deepen the challenges faced by the ruling elite. For fans of Everton, it is not only the immediate difficulties of sitting in the relegation zone, but the more structural questions as to how exactly we plot our way out of difficulty becomes an increasingly...
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I sincerely hope that Brands and the Board are working flat out to sound out potential candidates. We cannot have a repeat of the Koeman sacking scenario. It was a shambles with Unsworth not knowing what was happening, the board thinking they had Silva sorted and were made to look even more clueless and then ending up with that fat parasite in charge. The fact that BFS and Sammy Lee were involved with our great club is a stain on our history.

I would seriously approach Mourinho and ascertain if he is interested in a longer-term project and with Brands recruitment policy, with a separate budget for 1-2 players at their peak (striker and a centre half preferably).


(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
He'd have to do a lot to win me around, I've virtually given up on him. It's not about the results mostly even with an easy fixture list I didn't expect Everton to win all of them all though it was achievable if we turned up it's more about being so far up yourself you stick with the same formation and way of playing when it's lost you the last 3 games and then has the cheek to do it against Burnley hoping it will magically change. It is a good point about Moshiri wanting success ASAP while you would have thought Brands being brought in to try the Ajax method of blooding youngsters which doesn't guarantee success but it can get you very close if you have the right group.


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The misconception though is that he's had consistency since he became manager.

People rightly point to the investment but fail to as regularly point out that for all the good work of the last third of the season, he had arguably his best CB and his best CM ripped from him and no striker brought in. Yes we have Kean but it's already showing that the decision to not bring in someone experienced was naive at best.

It's the striker issue that's the most telling. We are absolutely creaking at the back because of

A) a lack of genuine pace in the middle of the pitch
B) Keane losing all form and no competition to potentially replace
C) a striker nicking goals and getting us ahead in games.

That being said, the issue of set pieces being virtually an automatic goal is completely his fault and frankly I think we are all sick of it.

West Ham game is win or bust.


We have beaten The Headpatters
The titles are intended to be taken ironically mate. Either was the insinuation is that the situation is now more farcical than tragic!
Mate, it's a really good article. But ultimately, we're in the midst of a miserable little run but still in the only domestic knock out competition we've participated in. We've won 6 of our 8 Last home games, one loss was to City.

Is it great? No. Is it high farce like being a Sunderland fan? No. Is it a tragedy? Absolutely not.

Bob Elstone

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That game when Silva went all out attack with his subs chasing a draw was pure teenage console tactics.



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Languishing in the bottom three, having only scored six goals by the middle of October is definitely cause for concern, especially given Silva's history as a relegation specialist.

People still cry about Fat Sam's appointment, but he was Moshiri's only decent managerial selection so far. We'd have gone down had Moshiri managed to bring in Silva after Koeman.


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With the forwards we have, how on earth have we only scored 6 goals in the league, it's management plain and simple. OUT!


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That game when Silva went all out attack with his subs chasing a draw was pure teenage console tactics.

What was he supposed to do, stay pat and accept defeat? If he makes like for like subs he gets slated, if he makes attacking subs he gets slated. Hardly fair.
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