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Best one I heard was in the beehive in town, in late 80s a lad of about 25 was having a heated argument with a fellow blue who was considerably old in his 70s, the old fellow came out with the classic I've been supporting Everton since before you where born so koff son, the lad hit back straight away with ye and I will be supporting them long after you dead so koff dad.... Anyway it was funny back then when everyone was pissed.


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The one thing I've learnt on here over the last 10 years is the old saying :
To Avoid Criticism, Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing...
Doesn't really work with Everton...


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Case in point;

There is an even ground to be had.

This, for example, is daft and possibly the work of a kopite;


We need sensible heads folks.

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