2018/19 Theo Walcott

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Player Valuation: £10m
It's crazy what's happened to him in the last 12 months. Came in and looked like he was a wavelength ahead of everyone in our team. Hes been throughly dreadful this season, constantly makes the wrong decisions and is so wasteful in possession. He is a confidence player but sheesh hes pants st the minute.


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He should have done better with that first time shot he took that fizzed wide.

That he still had the confidence to hit it first time was a 'maybe he's digging out of it' moment. Can't see anyone but maybe Gylfi having the confidence to not take a touch there and take a second touch.


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Was he playing in his slippers last night? Just seemed to be constantly loosing his footing, and the ball.


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It's really worrying that Silva keeps picking this clown, He's shown literally nothing all season and somehow still gets ahead of Lookman?
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I thought he started off okay, good to see him getting off a couple of shots. 2nd half though he had faded completely, gone back into his shell and got in Coleman's way more than anything.

I said last night, performances like Richarlisons you simply can't carry and Walcott's was exactly the same. These players have to stop putting 5/6 out of 10 performances in every week because it's absolutely killing us

We just don't seem to find a balance up top that works.

Based on last night's performance you'd have to say Bernard deserves the left slot, DCL up top and that right hand side is up for grabs. Has Lookman done enough in the minutes he's bene given? I'm not so sure. Walcott though looks a spent force to me and has done for some time.


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Terrible signing, doesnt look like he cares about the club or even football at this point, just the huge wages only Walsh and Allardyce were stupid enough to give him


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Laughably bad. Again. Offers nothing apart from getting us up the pitch but then loses it and we are back to square one.

Lookman came on and looked tidy and positive without losing it easily.

No brainer that Walcott needs a rest and Mola the rest of the season. Or we will lose him. I would not hang around if I saw Theo get picked over me when he offers nothing.
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