The Relegation Thread


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So far this season we're on relegation form, with absolutely no indication that we know or have a way of get out of it. Toughest December in living memory up next - we will almost certainly be adrift in bottom three by Christmas Day.

Will there be three worse teams than us by the end of the season?


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If you can't beat the teams in the relegation spots you're in trouble. Yesterday's loss put Everton into the category of "awful" sides. Norwich out played Everton and the whole "we aren't that awful" argument goes out the window.


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We will 100% be relegated at some point under club clowns who run this club. We might be ok this season, maybe even next but it's coming. Its inevitable that we'll go down unless there is a massive shift in the culture at this club.
Have you ever made a post in which you aren’t frothing at the mouth typing in these be all and end all statements?

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