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I would think there is a chance we would wear our away kit for the preseason game against Wigan as we would surely clash with them. We do not play any other preseason games against blue teams by the look. Then I would think the third shirt comes out in August some time.

Could be right, but preseason games we don't always wear an official kit for the games, I remember about 10 years ago we were in the US for preseason and only had a blue home kit launched, so we played in a white training kit, with numbers printed on the back


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Are you against gambling sponsors or just don’t like the sportpesa logo?
I am primarily against them in that they make the kits look trashy, and as such make me oppose to wearing them.

However, my son would like to sport a kit that looks the same as the players on match day including all the badges and the sponsor. In fairness, it was the same issue with Chang; as much as i personally liked the way it looked on the kit.


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We play Palace away first game, I'm not sure our home is different enough from their home kit, last season, we wore the white away there, they wore their yellow away at Goodison. Based on that I would say we should see an away kit on or before 10th August, probably first week of August, as home kit was first week of July, then third kit will probably be first week of september
The club announced that the away kit is being revealed at the end of July

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