The Great Dixie Dean

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Player Valuation: £15m
Criminally overlooked in discussions around great players. The likes of Cantona, Rush, Charlton, Dalglish are revered yet because Dean played in a different era he doesn’t even enter the conversation despite posting numbers no one has touched since.

Disagree there actually - perhaps away from merseyside he's overlooked but Dixie Dean is part of Mersey football folklore as much as anyone is.

Bet there's teenagers about even now who have heard that quip about Dean nodding at Elisha Scott in the street as he walked past and Scott diving to his left to try and save an imaginary ball.

Dario Terracotta

Player Valuation: £60m dad said he was so good in the air, he took penalties with his head. Not sure what age I was when I realised he was joking but Dean’s record speaks for itself regardless of the era he played in.
Not taking anything away from the great man Eggs but he did have a metal plate fitted in his skull the result of a motorbike smash so it could be true;)lol

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