The case for Silva

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Player Valuation: £70m
I'm always a bit concerned when the players say they are right behind the manager. It suggests he's not riding them hard enough. I want a manager who scares the bejesus out of them like Moyes, Ferguson, Clough, Keane etc


Player Valuation: £70m
Things have turned very bad under Silva, but the fact that things have turned very bad under our last 4 managers suggests to me that things perhaps run a bit deeper than simply getting a new manager in and repeating the cycle.

There doesn’t seem to be any positive attitude/mental strength/winning mentality call it what you will, amongst our lot. It runs deeper than Silva you’re right, but his failure to sort the freekick problem out will probably mean he takes the brunt anyway.

I’m really interested to see if the summer clearout has any effect on this, it’ll be a bit of a changing of the guard. You have to wonder if there’s a few bad apples amongst them dragging the rest down moaning behind the managers back etc.

Likely to see 10+ players go in the summer, but I think we’ll see a new manager then too. Give him till the end of the season and go from there.

Black Belt Jones

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People say there is a lot of quality in the team, but is there?

Keane and Zouma are secondary CBs. Young lads who need a leader next to them.

Davies is hit and miss although I have been more impressed with him recently. Gueye is a stopper.

Walcott, Tosun, DCL all not good enough.

So your left with Pickford, Sig, Gomes, Digne, Bernard, Richarlison and (potentially) Mina given his pedigree.

It's a start but pound for pound have Wolves and WH got as many good players as us? Id say so. Same with Watford.

The last few weeks have been particularly poor but as I keep saying, this is a huge job of fixing.
When next to no one is playing well or showing Leadership, all your B+ players start looking like C+. Whereas get just one or two quality performers in and suddenly you have a good team as they make everyone play better.
Feels like the squad needs massive open heart surgery at the minute but in reality it's not that severe of an overhaul required.

On the fence about Silva - really don't want to see him fired as we badly need continuity and on paper he has potential. But right now he's stinking the joint out, no question - the squad is flawed but it's nowhere near as bad as the results and performances indicate. He's failing at the moment and it's hard to see what he is trying to achieve with our play.

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