The Big Rebuild

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We must change our CM , we need players that can pass a football, players that have a footballing brain. If any of our current CMs start the first game next season then our recruiting will have been a failure.
One should be a combination of Gana and Delph, he must have bags of stamina and bring leadership and calmness. The other a playmaker who can pick a precise pass/cross from anywhere on the pitch ( ala James) and will ideally also be our specialist set piece taker .


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Start from the top.

Stop interference from Moshiri and Kenwright. Get Thelwall, Lampard and all the key people to align themselves so they're working in the same direction.

Settle on one manager for at least 5 years and get a coherent set of players that work together and an attractive attacking style built up after establishing a rock solid defensive foundation.


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Be fair, we need a new spine.

Regardless of what happens to Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richy, others, we need a centre half, centre midfielder, and a new slotter. And one of these needs to be a statement signing. A Jameth or a Depay.

Players who are leaving out of contract or being sold need to be replaced NOT by top 6 rejects who are looking to restart their career, but young and up and coming prospects with an eye on (eventually) playing in Europe.

And finally these players need to be of the Everton mould. Not Michael Keane, who is scared of loud noises, but fighters, who'll put themselves about.

And no more injury prone geezers please.

Basically we need to sign Richarlison

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All gone for me. With the exception of Mina, none improve the starting eleven. But Mina too hit and miss. Tarkowski and the another nasty but cultured CB(over to the scouts), still leaves us short with injuries not convinced Holgate, Godfrey and Braithwaite are the solution although warmed to Holgate recently.

Centre mid is a horror show. Is Doucoure, Iwobi and Dele viable going forward with Davies as cover ? Not for me. As a midfielder Frank should have an idea of what he needs. Need a baller and a ball winner. No names jump out at me right now.

Going forward a lot depends on Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Fit and firing I'm happy were in a good place attack wise. He stays and we sign Brennan Johnson for example and sell nobody attacking minded I think we're ok-ish. Sell him, who do we get ? Abraham - unlikely although Frank did trust him. Toney - hardly prolific but done OK. Again not sure who'd come, who we can afford and who'd kick us on.

Keep Kenny and Coleman, bring Nknounkou on at LB and blood Paterson.


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It's the spine of our team hasn't been right. We need, as a minimum, a good centre half and a good centre mid.

I don't think any of the players with expiring contracts should get an extension. And for the younger players who are now reaching 21/22 or so, if they aren't going to make it, then we need to move them on.

We need to let as many go as possible on top of those out of contract. Mina, Gomes, Allan, Gbamin, Nkounkou, Rondon should all be available. We can't allow players with some value to leave for free. The squad should be at least much smaller this summer, so we can add 3 or 4 without it becoming unmanageable. If we need to make a big sale to help the rebuild, then decide early who can leave and get as much money as possible, with replacements lined up.
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Be interesting to see if Dele Alli is part of next year's plans ? Certainly his football was easy on the eye last night.

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Gbamin's loan ends in the summer and he's back with us, he has played 10 times for Moscow since his loan so does anyone think he may have a chance here.


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Some younger players on an upward trajectory and have ambition and drive, either they push us on or we make a profit, not the current model of premier leagues established players in their so called prime and no top 6 cast offs.
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