Summer Transfer Window 2019

Everton's Transfer Window

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Player Valuation: £20m
Feck! I knew we get rumbled.
Townsend with the odd BLAMMO is the alternative!

Whilst you’re on - any palace players worth considering for my fantasy football team? For my sins I always think benteke is going to have a decent season at some point - is he going to be your starting striker?

Alan Whittle

Player Valuation: £40m
This feller ^^^ knows how good Zaha is...he watches him, unlike others on this thread.
I was having a bit of a jest tbh. Zaha's quoted value must be seen in the perspective of him definitely worth £80m to Palace. Just not sure he may be worth quite that much to others, and what that might be would vary between clubs.
He is a hugely improved player. His decision making has improved and he is a much physically stronger player.Goals and assists stats speak for themselves. You might get away with the Walcott comparison when Walcott was in his Arsenal prime, not now.

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