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Player Valuation: £50m
If there ever was a player who I wanted to have his skill match his heart it was Naismith. There is no doubt he had ability but it seemed he couldn't always produce it consistently. Was never sure if it was because he had only one way of playing and when that wasn't going well he couldn't adapt or if it was he simply tried too hard. Saying that he was a better player than some on here thought.
Outside the actual act of kicking a ball I have little time for top level professional footballers, generally they appear to be an odious bunch. His lad is one of the exceptions, I remember stories of him giving away tickets for matches to the unemployed, food parcels and other acts of kindness. I was very happy when he scored against Everton for Norwick and very proud to support a club whose fans gave him such a reception when he did so.
I know very little about Hearts and cared less until he went there, I hope they sort themselves out and his gesture is recognised.
Steven Naismith is an example of how a person who has been fortunate enough to earn a good living should conduct themselves.

Steve Wigan

Player Valuation: £50m
Nais apparently still has the same mates that he had before he 'made it' in football, and in at least a couple of interviews he has said that he is very grateful for the opportunity he had to make a good living out of football. He once bought Everton season tickets and took them to a local jobcentre, telling the staff to give the chance to go to a game to the jobseeker who made the greatest effort to get a job. Incredible.

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