So you're now in charge. What would you do for the remaining games?

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Best thread in a while. The responses are lol.

Scrap zonal marking.
Season is done so start giving some of the U23s cameos. Mainly Feeny and Hornby.

Try different formations and utilise players strengths instead of having one way of playing no matter who is in the squad.
Defenders are slow - no problem playing a deeper line.
Siggurdsson you cant play box to box - no problem play behind the striker as you can actually score & pass and thats your preferred position.
Keane you cant bend your knees - No problem lie on the bench because you are gash.

Kenny Mina Zouma Digne
Bernard Gomes Gana Lookman

Give Kenny the armband cos **** it. One of the few who looks bothered when we lose.


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Pick a team that lasts more than one game together and stop the front 4 merry go round game by game. It’s not as if we have City or United’s attacking options.
Pick a striker give him a run in the team, Pick a left and right winger and not rotate them week on week.
Our substitutions are like Chelsea, you can pick who will come in and off week by week.

WA Toffee

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Ask Brands to take over training, tactics and team selection because no matter how much we pretend we know just because we watch the games, the reality is that we only know about 1% of even the worst manager in the league.


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In possession we are atrocious and our movement is non-existent, we need Lookman and Bernard on at the same time as they're two players who will look for the ball, move into space, can control the ball and pass well - as simple as them things seem to be we are clearly one the worst in the league at it.

You can definitely put the lack of movement in possession down to the coach but Lookman and Bernard do seem to be have far more natural quality in terms of their first touch, movement and choice of pass.

We're too often let down by Walcott running in straight lines and losing the ball instead of simple passing, Richarlison's poor passing and lack of ability to stay on his feet and Sigurdsson's non-existent movement.

We need to settle on either Richarlison or Calvert-Lewin up top for the rest of the season and settle on a front three - and move to a solid 3 behind them rather than the 4231.

Out of possession there is nowhere near enough structure to our shape, Gueye and Gomes are always too far apart and Sigurdsson is constantly too far ahead to come back and form a midfield three to help shield the back line and we get exposed so much because of it.

Also sort out set pieces because we're crap at them, offensively and defensively.


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I'd get on the blower and offer my wages to Vitor Pereira to come over from China and coach the team...and then I'd resign.
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