Should Benitez be sacked if we lose the Derby? POLL

Should the manager be sacked if we lose the Derby on Wednesday

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First 6 games before all the injuries he had us in the top half easily.

Since the injuries we have slumped.

Get the injured back and we progress again.

It isn't that hard to understand.

13 games into his contract and some aren't prepared to hand him a transfer window to get it right, so dont imply I'm the one being illogical.

Dave you were right about him 10+ years ago. Its honourable of you to give him time, but your instincts were right. Hes scum.
Change has to be made - it’s past the stage now where we look for reasons for failure - the club just needs to hope any incoming manager can gee up the players to grab a few wins and keep us out of the relegation places. Needs must I’m afraid.

The alternative is to listen to Benitez blaming the fans every week as we go out of the league.

Need to drag him through the streets of Liverpool to be pelted before he goes back to Moshers to be dry boomed by his cat. If he turns up on Wednesday he might need fat Sam to deflect a few things

We need to have a replacement lined up before he is asked to pack.
Otherwise we do the walk of shame a few times before we appoint our new " perfect fit" manager
I suggested Moyes or Potter previously but someone said Dyche, I agree, what about Dyche? What could he do with an above Burnley team?

All I got at the moment apart from going back for Gaultier.
I think he'll get the Arsenal game, regardless of what happens on Wednesday.

Lose that, he'll be gone. Even a draw will probably keep him going, though.

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