2022/23 Sean Dyche

If anything Dyche is great name for songs, been some great ones posted here already.

All you need is Dyche.....All you need is Dyche.....Dyche.... Dyche is all you need

Well, it is what it is.

Hope it works and we get away from the danger zone. However, if the top turds don’t deliver some players that he wants then it’s all academic.

I have a bad feeling that last season was just the warm up act.

I hope I’m wrong, I can’t focus on much more than what it means if we sink. Time to become a hero Sean. Good luck.
Burnley fan here. You guys are deep in the [Poor language removed]. Been lurking on this board following the back end of last season due to the relegation dog fight. The way I see it, your leadership are properly inept. Lampard is categorically a bad manager and should have gone prior to the World Cup. He should have not been appointed in the first place. The stadium development is a massive drain and it is appalling timing for you to have cycled through a number of failed managers whilst spraffing money on a mismatch of players. Some of your fanbase are rancid, entitled and toxic. How will you persuade players to come to your club when you are threatening them near the ground? This is a thoroughly bad situation. You are lucky to get Dyche. All the piss taking and snide comments are unwarranted.

He is a proper leader, he gets players to buy into a strong set of core values. Your area and community are not exactly wealthy much the same as East Lancashire. He will demand hard work, he will demand passion, he will demand pride. I never doubted the lads took to the pitch and played for us. I think that meets with Scouse sensibilities pretty well. I know that your ground can be knife-edge in terms of atmosphere. You boo your own way too frequently. I doubt you will boo much under Dyche when he gets them fighting and they will fight for you. Not in the Lampard [Poor language removed] way but in a way that is sustainable because it is embedded in a philosophy. There's plenty of podcasts available with him speaking, he's not a dinosaur.

Dyche was remarkable for us. That first promotion was totally unexpected. We sold a top scorer and acquired a load of tree transfers which when married with some of the left over Howe signings led to a really enjoyable season. We weren't ready and deservedly went down. The second promotion season saw great football. The European qualifying season saw great football. He built us a modern training ground and he brought consistent EPL football with a bunch of cast offs. Our previous facilities weren't usable in winter. You talk about long term and club building and think he can't do it. He's already done it once with money gained by his own success on the pitch.

He talks about mixed football and being a threat. This is not POMO bollocks. He wants crossing, he wants skill, equally he does not mind fight balls. He will work with what he has and get the best from it. Watch the way your back line gets organised and becomes obdurate. Watch the bodies on the line blocks. The defending at times was a thing of beauty. There is more than one way to win at football. Sterile possession is just as dull as neck high [Poor language removed]. Look out for Mercer. He's a goalkeeping coach and is absolutely too notch. He went to Rotherham so not sure if he will turn up but he is outstanding.

Addressing the Kompany situation. Our level is floating between League One and Championship. We've had a good few managers that have allowed us to beat our limitations. Kompany openly admits some of the qualities he has sought to use from Dyche's time. Yes, he has overhauled the style but he has been able to do that using money from the players that Dyche bought. For us to stick in the EPL, every signing needs to go right because we lack financial resources. It is much easier to restart in the Championship using legacy money that is there because of Dyche. I was shocked when he was sacked. I was happy to go down with Dyche and go again. We had a difficult season and you will note there is no unrest from the fans. He'd earnt respect.

To be honest you look hopeless at the minute. If he staved off relegation then it equals some of the feats he managed with us. Get behind him and you will be surprised.
He was the only one available mate and would crawl on his hands and kneels to manage this sorry football club, because he knows it’s massive compared to what he’s ever managed.Unfortunately behind the scenes we are a complete mess. I personally think he might be ok but not keep us up,
Good luck to Dyche! Hope he can get a reaction out of the gang of flaccid wangers we call players, and maybe keep us up.

The whole Dyche/Biesla thing has had me confused the past few days. You couldn’t get 2 more opposite styles/personalities in football management.

The only thing I could compare it to is the episode of the Simpsons with James Woods. He’s on the phone to his agent asking how can it be the same movie if the studio changed his character from a tightly-wound convenience store clerk to a jittery Eskimo firefighter. He then says „mmhm, mmhmm. Ok that’s actually a pretty good explanation“. Very funny writing.

I just thought of thelwell on the phone „Farhad, how have we gone from a crazy Argentine ball-on-the-deck pressing merchant, to a no-nonsense British long-ball launching 90s throwback? Mmhm mmhm, mmhm, ok that’s actually a pretty good explanation“

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