Sack him or not

Simple question.

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The rubbish is on the pitch. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I have never seen it such pathetic, cowardly, rubbish in the RBJ in over 50 years.

Changing manager is changing lifeboats on a sinking ship. Cop on.

There is something deadly in the state of the house of Goodison and RB is not the cause.
They got 57 points and were 3 off Europe last season btw


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I know how you feel but this crowd of "players" are a waste of space. No manager could deal with their disgraceful lack of fight for Everton, it's heritage, it's fans, and especially the youngsters who have to deal with RS taunts every day
Oh absolutely. We are in a relegation scrap and I fear these players will not have the heart for it. I also fear that Benitez is not the 'tactical genius' some tout him to be. I can see no system, no plan A, never mind a Plan B. The club needs to be united or we're going down. Don't ask me who because I don't know. Would be nice if one of those people that get paid obscene amounts of money could come up with a plan.


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Frankly, I doubt any long term appointment could actually do worse, so he has to go in my opinion.

I do not, however, want either Ferguson or Unsworth anywhere near the first team for longer than one game. So get someone signed up, and get shot.

But we all know we don't do plans.

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