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3 horrible results. And more to come. This is a poor team with players who cannot learn from previous lessons. And the fact that particular players are very very poor. Coleman is gone. Sorry but finished. We knew that before summer. Iwobi isnt a player. Goal or no goal. Rondon...well ...


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Didn’t think we were much better second half , better than the first yes but players still not showing for the ball. Time and again the likes of Allan, Coleman ,Townsend and Keane looking to pass and no one showing so we go long.

It’s a really disjointed side, lacks guile and instinct.


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At least we’ll have the best stadium in the championship, because these hyenas wouldn’t get promoted from there for a while


Player Valuation: £35m
Can’t see it happening this season but I agree with what others have said - that we are showing signs of what happened at other clubs in the seasons preceding relegation.


Player Valuation: £15m
We all knew we were about to suffer once the injuries started piling up. What we saw last season though is that you can play easily the worst football in the premier league but if you're a threat from set pieces and don't concede them you're always going to give yourself a chance no matter how dreadful you are.

If we don't sort that problem out double time we will drop a lot more points than we pick up.
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