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Player Valuation: £60m
He's struggling at the moment but there is a lot of bed wetting and OTT reactionary posts.

Koeman spent £150 million to swan dive us oot of europe and into the bottom 3

Silva spent £200 million to have us losing 2-0 at home to Norwich in the bottom 3.

Mike Walker was utterly dour as well.
Benitez is bad but other managers were also bad. Did I get that about right? What happened to those other managers, btw?


Player Valuation: £90m
Just remember as this shameful episode - possibly the most shameful - in the clubs history now draws to its inevitable and miserable conclusion, the likes of @davek and @ForeverBlue92 aided and abetted by nonsense like @Theoneandonly, actively argued for the continuation of this kopite's reign even as he threatened to drag us down into the Championship.

There can surely no greater betrayal of the clubs ideals than that perpetrated by the above cabal.
"Everton fans in backing Everton manager shocker"

Kev The Rat

Player Valuation: £70m
"Everton fans in backing Everton manager shocker"
you are telling everton fans to stick with a kopite manager on a terrible run having just been embarrased at home by a rival they rarely lose to there, and heading towards the relegation zone.

any other manager would already be or be on the verge of being axed let alone one with his credentials.

when this is all said and done, you will be the one who stood in Benitez's corner as he attempted to burn the club to the ground.

We will remember.
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Player Valuation: £20m
"Everton fans in backing Everton manager shocker"
I and a lot of other people get that but surely you have to draw the line at some point? Total freefall and no sign of improvement, if anything getting worse. Do you have a point in mind where the position becomes critical and he needs to go or are you happy to carry on whatever the consequences?


Player Valuation: £35m


Player Valuation: £60m
So no response then.

You want a manager who has just as bad a record than Rafael this season.

You think Potter is fantastic, but forget he's had 3 seasons to implement a style of play, whereas you're not willing to give Rafael the same.

It's massive hypocrisy from a lot of fans.
No, not just as bad. As bad a run as Brighton are on, we are on a worse run. Your strategy of slating a manager who is doing a marginally better job with more limited resources than Benitez is bizarre.


Player Valuation: £6m
He looks like a rabbit in the headlights
And the inevitable is on its way

I met him a couple of months back and posted on here how much of a nice fella he is and was on that day
his enthusiasm for the job kinda staggered me as he knew largely he wasn't wanted at the club but couldn't talk any higherof the club or clubs fans passion and his want to give e us something

I also met koeman he was a complete 🔔end who spent the entire time looking at his watch and asking if I remembered any of the Dutch greats not a mention of everton and he managed us at the time

Feel sorry for raffa possibly the right man but handcuffed by a fraud like koeman and mercenary like ancelotti

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