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Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
if Newcastle still haven't won a game by that point, is there anyone here who won't put money on them to beat us?
Ive been thinking that for a bit and also we are there 1st league game after the window lol, wondering who they may sign who will as ever score on the debut like most do v us


Allardyce Out

Didn't watch, but was talking to a friend on WhatsApp while out. As you can see, I wasn't exactly miles off was I?

It's all so predictable. And the reason it's predictable isn't because of the manager - it's because we have a genuinely terrible squad consisting of players who have been the same for years.

Put aside the blind hatred of an individual and recognise the actual problem here. Replacing Benitez does diddly squat. All I'm saying is hold fire until the ire is deserved - if we go into the new year on less than 20 points his position is obviously untenable; until then, why not keep the powder dry and just see what happens?

Kev The Rat

Player Valuation: £70m
It'll come down to the Arsenal game yes.

Benitez has a puncher's chance to get out of this and we might well see a close game and a win.

One thing is firm in my mind: there will be no dismissal before the next game.
I actually think his team setup tonight had something of the last chance saloon mentality that you are talking about - kamikaze tactics basically.


Player Valuation: £90m
Benitez isn’t just any manager - and that context is the issue.

Tonight won’t be easy to forget. I think it locked in a lot of people’s views. Especially those who were in the ground, I imagine.

If he is to change minds, it’ll take something extraordinary.
A defeat against Liverpool in the derby even with that margin isn't exactly ground breaking.

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
We’re hurtling towards a relegation battle with a manager insistent on playing the same formation and tactics week in, week out.

That needs address first because you can’t shift players outside of a window

Like I said, fire him, don’t fire him, it won’t make a difference. Put Pep in charge, if he told Keane to pass to Coleman, Keane would under over hit it at Coleman who would spoon it about the yards in their air either to the opposition striker or out of play. Move over, tactical plan completely caput at step 1. You’ll see championship teams who can work a ball across their back 4 and in and out of midfield. We can’t even do the first pass and people are roaming about getting in progressive managers.

I’m actually in favour of firing him now because it’s become as clear as day to me that fans will not or cannot look past anything else whilst he is here. He is the literal red rag to Everton bulls. Coleman is literally kicking the ball in his own net some games and fans are frothing at Benitez. Brands has left us high and dry for year..BUT BENITEZ SIGNED RONDON

It’s getting exhausting. Honestly just fire him so you can all get onto hating the next manager and pushing for Davies and Siggurdson to come back into the team


Player Valuation: £70m
I think he’ll survive the Arsenal game as long as it’s not more than 3, but he’ll get booted when we fail to beat Palace.

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