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Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
Wins change minds.

Early aprt of the season underlined that. The blow hards were down to a slim minority.

Never rule anything out in football.
Benitez isn’t just any manager - and that context is the issue.

Tonight won’t be easy to forget. I think it locked in a lot of people’s views. Especially those who were in the ground, I imagine.

If he is to change minds, it’ll take something extraordinary.


Player Valuation: £90m
He’s getting fired against Arsenal. The players can sniff victory, they know they’re close. They won’t play for him, the fans aren’t interested in calling out the players, they just want managerial blood. Arsenal are good enough to punish us easily.

It will be a blood bath and Moshiri will fold.

Nothing will change, but the demand for blood is too big now. The situation is untenable.
It'll come down to the Arsenal game yes.

Benitez has a puncher's chance to get out of this and we might well see a close game and a win.

One thing is firm in my mind: there will be no dismissal before the next game.
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