Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

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Player Valuation: £60m



Tiny Timmy

Player Valuation: £750k
We all know he's not going to be here longer than the 3 years, if he doesn't get us European football then he's no different to any other manager we've had anyway.

Some of the melts on here are ridiculous from grown adults, utter embarrassing if you acted like this in life conversations.


Player Valuation: £70m
Doesn't really address the comments like.

Addressing comments about Everton made in 2007 when in charge of the Anfield club, Benitez explained: “I have been in Madrid, Naples, Valencia, Tenerife, Extremadura and Liverpool.

“Every single club I was there, I was fighting for them. If you analyse things in the context, what you are expecting from your manager is to fight for your club, and I will do that.

“I am here, I will fight for my club, I will try to win every single game, and it doesn’t matter who the opponents are, or the rivals. It is something you have to do, it is your nature, that you have to try to do your best.

“And why a lot of fans in a lot of these cities love me is because I was giving everything for them. If you analyse this in the context, then it is very clear I will do the same for Everton.”


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Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright added: “Rafael Benitez is joining Everton Football Club at an exciting time. On behalf of the Board of Directors I wish him well in achieving success for our football club - success our supporters long for and deserve.”

The very best the Chairman could muster. This is quite something this.

Not open for further replies.

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