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Player Valuation: £35m
Depends whose available but I would go something like this

Kenny Keane Branthwaite Holgate
Townsend Gomes Davies Iwobi

Subs Begovic Godfrey Digne Doucoure James Simms Gray

Holgate has played LB before in the league cup and although he's out of form Digne needs protecting. I'd rest Allan and Mina altogether due to there injury issues and if Godfrey is suffering fitness issues I'd keep him for Norwich. If Gbamin fit he'd be on the bench but I think he might be kept back.

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £35m
Even playing the strongest 11 available to us at the moment we will still struggle. I don’t see any justification for further weakening our team in this game. It’s unlikely that we will qualify for Europe through our league position anyway, so, let’s give the cups a lash, we can beat most teams on our day. There’s more chance of qualifying for Europe through the cups than the league for us.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £90m
I would not be surprised if the team he may have played Tuesday, may be more the team for saturday due to all the problems we have,


Player Valuation: £35m
Our next u23s game is tomorrow so will be interesting to see if any players are left out as possible squad fillers for this. Maybe Dobbin although he's gone off the boil.


Player Valuation: £15m
from the squad players available i would give game time to:
Kenny, Holgate, Davies and Simms (as i can not see Rondon playing this game and Norwich.

Holgate with Kean/Mina. Godfrey to LB.
Davies for Allan


Player Valuation: £90m
If you dont try, you never know, I dont get this thing were some hope we go out etc, so we can do better in the league, if only things worked out like that. going out the cup wont auto mean we will do better trying to get 6th/7th etc

And then when we finish 6th they say "what a load of crap, we've qualified for the Europa League"

Might as well not exist because we ain't getting anywhere near 4th any time soon


Player Valuation: £100m
Anyone not wanting us to take this seriously and not wanting us to win this game really shouldn’t be supporting the team. This is the only chance of having something to look forward to and something to win.
We can’t win the league or FA cup
I’d rather finish 15th in the league and win this cup at Wembley

Why are we any more likely to win this than the FA Cup?


Player Valuation: £35m
Why play a weakened side and risk going out of a cup competition? Go as strong as possible without risking any players with knocks or niggly injuries, need to build momentum after the Villa game, beating QPR and Norwich does that in readiness for Utd.

In the league we will be 7th-12th irrespective of us we rest players for this game, got to be all in for both cups. FA Cup will guaratee Europa League and Carabao Cup should see us in the Europa Conference, you can always improve on that through the league but realistically we aren`t are we so cups should be important.

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