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Apologies is posted a while ago but seem to be absolutely oblivious to this.

Prem now going on H2H to seperate positions rather than goal difference.

Misleading. They've added head to head as a tiebreaker after goal difference and goals scored.


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That article is terrible.

It says this first :

From the upcoming campaign, though, the Premier League is going all continental and following the suit of leagues such as La Liga by ditching the goal difference rule.
Then this :

Instead, teams who are level in the table will be separated by head to head records before goal difference.
But later on in the article in a quote from a Premier League statement it says this :

"In 2019/20, the team who have collected the most points in the head-to-head duels between the sides lying level on points, goal difference and number of goals scored, will take the highest finishing position, while the team with the fewest will take the lowest place.
"If clubs still cannot be separated, the team who scored the most goals away from home in the head-to-head matches will get the highest position."
Which it seems to me is pretty clear in saying that head to head only comes into effect after points, goal difference and goals scored.


Player Valuation: £70m
'Head-to-head records will be used as a decider in the 2019/20 season if sides end level on points, goal difference and number of goals scored.'

So it's only after GD and GS.
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