Once Everton has touched you.

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Street end man

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In good times and bad times...for better for worse. I'd still rather be a Blue than the alternative here. Though Im turning into the one on the right here :drunk:
I have been known to go to College Road and support Marine in the past when I'm sulking......I weighed up the option again after seeing the Millwall display and Silva's waffle today:)


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BernieH, as I’ve said I’ve experienced more tosh than most on this forum and we are what we are. It’s a significantly different game on every level than it was back in the 60s and 70s. I’m as disillusioned as the next Evertonian but they remain MY club. That’s not going to change just because we haven’t a trophy for donkey’s years.
Yeah, I'm just saying that being the 4th most successful club is great n all but there are 2 generations of fans who haven't seen anything of the sort, it doesn't really mean much too them, they need their own glory days to connect with.


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I know the thread is an attempt at drawing the gallows humour out of this long suffering band of brothers (and sisters).
But the serious side is how much anguish supporting the club draws out of you, when you finally think we've hit rock bottom, found our billionaire owner, looking like we've started the slow climb upwards, and find yourself slipping back down into the thick and sticky once again.


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Lost count how many times they have broken my heart,first time I can truly recall was a home derby December 1973,we lost 1-0,had a disallowed goal,their goal shinned in off the post,the scorer waddle looking suspiciously offside,you know the script,saturday hurt,but we expect it these days don't we?,at least it doesn't break my heart anymore,think it's immunisation;)lol
I remember that game well mate. Waddle was a complete donkey and I think Mick Lyons had the goal disallowed which would have been a brilliant story for him had it stood.
One important difference though.....these days still break my heart!!!!! Have woken up 2/3 times each night since Saturday absolutely fuming and cursing them and the ref!!!!!! I really should know better by now haha. Here's hoping the younger generation get some glory in the foreseeable future although sadly I think the last 3 years will take at least 3 years to rectify......
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