Old Everton songs that still pop into your head from time to time

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Mr. testicle, mr. Testicle
he’s the besticle
Mr. testicle
sung with real gusto by a young lad about three rows down from me when Testy first Hit the limelight!

just the sheer joy of seeing a kid actually enjoying himself at Goodison! Nowadays he just sits there playing mine craft on his Nintendo :(

Barry Rathbone

"we're on the march with Gordon's army"

I know it's been sung to other managers after Gordon Lee but never as loud as that saturday when we took over the Dell in the fa cup. Southampton with Keegan et al looked visibly shocked at the start of the second half as the noise resounded around the ground as though it was us at home. Incredible chills down the spine moment as we held out for a draw took them back to an equally mountainous GP and beat them one nil.

Keegan's comment - "the fans won it for them."

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