Old Everton songs that still pop into your head from time to time

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roy vernon

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Onward Evertonians, onward for to see, see the royal twin towers, our team at wembley, see the royal blue jerseys, graceful as can be, forging on to victory and fighting constantly, onward Evertonians, don’t let your flag be moved, remember the song for wembley, it’s We Shall Not Be Moved.
Always a favorite of mine that one.


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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside,
Oh I do like to be beside the sea,
Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom where the brass bands play:
[Poor language removed] Off McMahon, [Poor language removed] Off McMahon, [Poor language removed] Off McMahon


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I find myself humming the Daniel Amokachi song every now and then....probably because on a train home from the match one day shortly after he joined half the carriage was singing it which was awesome
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