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Old Everton Pictures

The Trinity.

Player Valuation: £6m
The football Everton played under John Carey we finished 5th & he got sacked in the back of a taxi - which we later paid him out of court settlement - his Carey chicks never took off -
Gentleman John Carey -
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Most of his side helped to win the league in 1963/64-
the clip below showed the style of football we played under him - reports were he was to soft with the players & not as ruthless as is successor turned out to be correct = The Catt

A few nice goals on view. And shooting from distance. I've almost forgotten what an Everton player shooting and scoring from distance is like. A few long range shots on target tomorrow night would be welcome......
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Joey66 5 points No tippy tippy or passing backwards either

alan ball

Player Valuation: £70m

Harry Cooke, grandson of Harry Cooke Senior, the long-serving Everton trainer. A former EFC youth player, Harry Junior was chief scout under all EFC managers from Johnny Carey through to Colin Harvey.

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