Old Everton Pictures


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....if only Pickford would’ve done that at Anfield. Basics.
Andy Rankin was a good backup to Westy indeed kept him out of the team for stages - but he did have the odd mistake in him but yes Eggs he knew the basics .......Pickford has not learnt them as yet just a great shot stopper imo -
he certainly knew how to command his area most games like this photo -
Rankin's ball -


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Sorry, no photo's but I always enjoy seeing old photo's of Everton's old training ground at Bellefield. I once played there against Everton Colts (under 18). I was only about 14 or 15 so the Everton lads looked like men! I played for a church team (St Philomena's). I think it was one of the Red Triangle leagues, about 1949/50. I remember the dressing rooms being like a palace with lovely hot showers. Think it was the first shower I ever had. We lost 13 - 0 and after the game the Everton coach came into our dressing room to congratulate us on our performance. He said we were the first opposition team that season to concede less than 20 goals!

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