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This photo was posted a couple of weeks ago (I think by Joey) and from the two Everton players Beardsley and Cottee I was able to narrow down the time frame. I spent some time looking through the friendly games played away to teams wearing similar colours and had a suspicion that it may have been Glentoran. On a long shot I contacted Glentoran and within minutes their secretary confirmed this photo is from The Tommy Jackson benefit game played 3 August 1991. He advises that the Glentoran players in the photo are Andy Mathieson (foreground) Seamus Heath (Background) and Dean Smyth (Keeper). This continuing thread has helped keep me sane and given me things to do during the period of "solitary confinement". Thanks lads.

3760 03.08.91 Beardsley v Glentoran (A) TOMMY JACKSON BENEFIT  Peter Beardsley opens the scor...jpeg


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iirc, they stopped those games soon after as the two penalties show the last 2 or 3 of those games got increasingly (egged on by the spectators as well) feisty and narky
Your right, the 1970 game was the last, in 71 we had a standard friendly with Nathanya Maccabi

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