Official Club media thread


Player Valuation: £70m
Never know where to place random little pictures/videos like this so thought we could do with a thread for any piece of random media that comes out of the club.

Yesterday's training video:

Uploaded 2 days ago, every Lukaku goal:



Player Valuation: £70m
No Andre in sight :(
Think I see Ellis Simms near the end and Branthwaite? Also Gordon looked lively. Nice ball in near 1 minute mark.

Youngsters spotted: Branthwaite, Kyle John, Gordon, Adeniran, Beni, Simms, Markelo.

Slightly alarmed they're not even being asked to wear any form of shinpads for this though as it seemed pretty physical.

Think around the ~1.50 mark in blue looked like our "strongest" XI.

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