Should we keep NSNO or kill it?

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The motto is fine.

What bothers me, and has done since they first started doing it, is the ridiculous top flight games counter they introduced a few years ago.

As a rule, you should never really tempt fate. How Everton, of all clubs, have not learnt this lesson by now is beyond me. Like the same deluded weapons who believe we will win every Derby or otherwise important game with anything riding on it. It's like they have lived on the moon for the last 100 years or so.

Not since the 80’s have we actually stuck to this motto.

Please replace with…

‘Nothing but the bare minimum is required’

I’ve been saying for years that a rebrand is the answer to our woes.

But now things are so desperate, I think we should have a total overhaul and pretend to be a different club entirely so once ‘Everton’ and relegated, we simply continue playing in the Premier League under the new identity ‘Mersey Boys Ltd FC’. If anyone ever wonders why there are now 21 teams in the Prem, we simply don’t acknowledge them and use distraction tactics.

Name: Mersey Boys Ltd FC
Motto: Fight! And win!
Colours: Black and Blue
Nickname(s): The Lads, Da boys, Not Everton, Mersey Magic Men
Stadium: Temporary home at Everton’s Goodison Park while new venue at Bramley Moore dock is built
Badge design: A big wad of cash in a circle
Tone of voice: Ruthless and intimidating, with an obvious liking for extortion and bribery
Key brand message: Keep using oil

Sack everyone (down to admins and cleaners), start afresh, new corporate brand guidelines, glitzy brand launch - the works.
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