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Nah, Dave is only in it for the carnage he can cause. Benitez was just his springboard.

One thing is guaranteed, he will 100% hate on the new manager - unless it’s Martinez !
Thing is how will this new manager be? That has always been the problem.

That aside i really don't think he will get the sack tonight,, Moshiri isn't up to it


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Is he on a constant wind up this fella? He either says a lot without saying anything or states the obvious months too late

But still some will look at the league table and take confidence from Newcastle not winning and our games in hand. Another defeat, another game less in which to right the wrongs of the managerial selection and tactics I'm beginning to think this is terminal.
In the words of a great explorer, I'm popping outside. I may be some time.


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First and foremost the reason we lost was the starting team selection by FSW. Rondon should never have been on and for that matter Coleman.

After the OG we then chasing the game. Norwich players were good at falling over and got away with a lot of fouls, one or two of which should have been reds.

We had to put up with Rondon for nearly 60 mins, notice the change when Richie came on. Mina did well as did Godfrey taking over at RB.


Player Valuation: £80m
Norwich usually beat us nowadays so today's result was predicted. But the Canaries will fold like a cheap suit when they play the RS...

...Everton that

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