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The binman chronicles

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Match Report...

Super Richy strike can’t save more awayday Blues.

Norwich City 2-1 Everton

A brilliant second half overhead kick strike from Richarlison wasn’t enough for Everton as they sank to defeat at the hands of Norwich City, to whom they had gifted two goals in two minutes in a dreadful opening twenty minutes to the first half.

My match report would read something like..

Megalomaniac doesn't play 3 in midfield and starts Rondon over Richarlison. As a result of course we lost the game.


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Nobody and I mean nobody can still put forward a coherent argument that he should still be in charge. A mad experiment that obviously hasn't worked, if he's not got the honour in him to do the right thing and walk then he has to be kicked out.

Benitez doesnt have honour mate. If he did he wouldn't have taken the job with his LFC past.

He has no pride, he went to China for money.

Moshiri has put his trust in him to change the football structure at the club and that is the biggest concern above all else.

I cant see him being sacked, why let him push a talent out the door, sign three players and then boot him?


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Need to see a huge fan boycott to get tapas tits out and even then Morshiri won’t act till it’s too late.

Can’t see anything happening so we have to get ready for a relegation battle we are I’ll prepared for.

This is as bad as it gets since the early 90’s


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I don’t think it’s big enough.



Player Valuation: £60m
Rafael's solution is to bring in and play wingers and feed Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Our game is so one dimensional and lacking midfield players who can keep the ball and play through the middle.

And then doesnt use the one winger who can really whip a ball in with either foot. Gordon as mucyh as he tried was getting nothing off the officials and not having a good game, should have been hooked for Townsend who can at least do something from wide or have a pop on goal.

2 subs made. Two.

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