2020/21 Niels Nkounkou


Player Valuation: £70m
This kid is so good.

Wonderful find.

I could see him getting game time if we go to a back 3 with Digne being left sided centre back.

Totally agree, would be a shame to have Digne as a left sided centre back in a 3 though as hes also brilliant going forward.

Weve got Niels/Digne + Gordon/Richarlison down that left side.


Also night and day compared to the right side.

Impressive that he looks around 6ft and dribbles so fluidly, the lad’s absolutely rapid and his delivery looks superb.

I wonder if he could he even fill in on the wings, his pace and dribbling look good enough, his right foot seems decent and I’d back him to make himself a threat cutting in from the right.

His crossing is so good from the left i think thats a huge threat. With him firing those across and James on the right pinging them over the top of the defence its scary.

Would be interesting to see James in the middle and Nkounkou on the right though.

Think he may also be tried at inverted right back but snag with that is it wouldnt work with James on the right.

The way he looks, if he keeps up with his progression he will be better than Digne in 2 years. Legit looks like he would be a top 7 LB in the premier league, very impressive so far.

If he puts in that level of performance in the premier league hes going to be everything Pep thought Mendy was before his injury.

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
Aye, if I was DCL and saw him haring past his man I'd be running into the 6 yard box asap, his crosses keep beating the defenders
That will come with time. He's so good he's taking his own players by surprise at the moment.

if he carries on like this I can see him playing as a winger in front of Digne for the first team before very long. I don't think it's any coincidence that Digne's performances have also improved a lot since he arrived. The competition for places is great to see.

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