Next Manager (Poll)

Who do you want?

  • Marcelo Gallardo

    Votes: 175 17.2%
  • Eddie Howe

    Votes: 34 3.3%
  • David Moyes

    Votes: 63 6.2%
  • Rafael Benitez

    Votes: 161 15.8%
  • Marcelino Garcia Toral

    Votes: 31 3.0%
  • Mauricio Pochettino

    Votes: 219 21.5%
  • Mikel Arteta

    Votes: 96 9.4%
  • Jorge Jesus

    Votes: 21 2.1%
  • My choice isnt here, you really suck at polls

    Votes: 161 15.8%
  • Lamborghini Gallardo

    Votes: 57 5.6%

  • Total voters
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Player Valuation: £25m
I feel we should have an updated list given the ever-changing dynamics of the role and the fact that I put Diego and Jose in the last list, pog.

Or something.

Poch will go on the list, but I personally feel hes unrealistic, so feel free to ignore him if you want, Benitez is on cos some people actually rate him, LOL.

Its an easy poll, imagine a world where every name above has said yes they want the job, who do you pick.

Choose wisely.
Having given deep thought over a number of years it has to be me. I just know


Player Valuation: £70m
For those guffawing at the idea of Moyes - fellow “dinosaur” Roy Hodgson now has Palace up to fifth after beating Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth....

Experience is a precious commodity!
And palace have lost how many recently 3/4? The league is just unpredictable unless you support us


Player Valuation: £25m
I'd prefer Hodgson
Roy Hodgson is a tremendous manager. When you look at his overall career he has worked in a variety of environments and excelled.

The fact is you need the right tool for the job, and I am sure everyone would agree that David Moyes was a useful tool during his previous spell at the club!


Player Valuation: £25m
And palace have lost how many recently 3/4? The league is just unpredictable unless you support us
Roy proves that a calm, experienced manager can get results when it matters. He came in when De Boer had them in dire straits and they have not looked in danger since.
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