Next Manager (Poll)

Who do you want?

  • Marcelo Gallardo

    Votes: 175 17.2%
  • Eddie Howe

    Votes: 34 3.3%
  • David Moyes

    Votes: 63 6.2%
  • Rafael Benitez

    Votes: 161 15.8%
  • Marcelino Garcia Toral

    Votes: 31 3.0%
  • Mauricio Pochettino

    Votes: 219 21.5%
  • Mikel Arteta

    Votes: 96 9.4%
  • Jorge Jesus

    Votes: 21 2.1%
  • My choice isnt here, you really suck at polls

    Votes: 161 15.8%
  • Lamborghini Gallardo

    Votes: 57 5.6%

  • Total voters
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no balls, no everton shirt,
He's currently unemployed so how is he flavour of the month exactly?
One of the rags this morning said we has approached him a month ago and he knocked us back.
More than likely bull .

Jim Hopper

Player Valuation: £10m
Blokes the Argentinian Silva.

We are in trouble if he rocks up here.
Smashing it with River Plate in the Argentinian league.
No experience of managing in England let alone Europe.
Done absolutely nothing of note to suggest he can take a struggling side out of one of toughest leagues in the world and get them playing well again.

He has a cool name and he’s Argentinian though so...

SiGn HiM uP MoShIrI hE wIlL SaVe Us FrOm ReLeGaTiOn.


Player Valuation: £25m
Poch would obviously be my no.1 choice, but I think It’s a non-starter personally, so I’d say Gallardo. I know next to nothing about him, but he’s nowhere near as grim as most of the names linked.
Integrating a South American coach during a relegation fight - what could possibly go wrong?!?
Not open for further replies.

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