Next Manager (Poll)

Next Manager

  • Arteta

    Votes: 214 18.4%
  • Gallardo

    Votes: 42 3.6%
  • Howe

    Votes: 66 5.7%
  • Benitez

    Votes: 216 18.6%
  • Mourinho

    Votes: 173 14.9%
  • Dyche

    Votes: 26 2.2%
  • Potter

    Votes: 6 0.5%
  • Wilder

    Votes: 12 1.0%
  • Simeone

    Votes: 128 11.0%
  • Mancini

    Votes: 34 2.9%
  • Marcelino

    Votes: 29 2.5%
  • Blanc

    Votes: 12 1.0%
  • Wenger

    Votes: 30 2.6%
  • Moyes

    Votes: 86 7.4%
  • Other, please state

    Votes: 89 7.7%

  • Total voters
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Mutzo Nutzo

Player Valuation: £70m
Reckon gallardo.

Know nothing about him but Google says he is the most successful River plate manager in their history and barca want him.

Truth is , there does seem to be managers out there who we can give a job to. Marceleno, Rudi Garcia , Jose, All out of work and easy to approach, their interest not withstanding.

Have a little ambition here, give.marcelino a job and maybe his highly regarded in Spain approach puts us up the table again.

Maybe, just maybe, we don't have to hire managers.of Wigan, Watford and Southampton but can actually.hire managers from better clubs
Gallardo owns South America. He's won everything. It holds no more challenges for him so Europe beckons.

Welcome to Eberton Marcelo Gallardo


Player Valuation: £70m
Galtier from Lille to me.

Did a solid job over a long period at St Etienne. Made an instant impact at Lille despite having to sell players. Works well with young players too, played the youngest team in the CL.

I'd like the fella at Ajax too, but not sure how realistic it is.


Player Valuation: £60m
Gallardo owns South America. He's won everything. It holds no more challenges for him so Europe beckons.

Welcome to Eberton Marcelo Gallardo
Even as a shop window type of deal much like some of our current squad.

Come here and do a boss job and barca will come calling type of thing.
Not at all. I'm all for equality mate. However, if someone isn't up to the job then they should be replaced regardless.

What's wrong with that? Elstone was useless and got sacked......

The CEO of EFC should be all over the local media (at least) but I don't see her...has she ever given an interview on Radio Merseyside? I've never heard her speak...

Wrong once again.

You really don't have a clue at all.

Elstone never got sacked.


Player Valuation: £6m
Arteta - would come and a yes from me just so we can sing 'follow follow follow' again
Gallardo - Not sure he'd come, being linked with Barca so will have his eyes on a bigger prize than Everton
Howe - Would come but fans would be fuming about it so probs wouldn't work
Benitez - Not sure he'd come but I'd be up for it now. Just have to block the past out
Mourinho - Wouldn't come
Dyche - Would come but again, same with Howe, we'd turn our noses up.
Potter - Would come but he's an English Martinez, basically. Same level as street cred as Silva too
Wilder - No. Doing a good job but I can't see it.
Simeone - Wouldn't come
Mancini - Probably wouldn't come. Would take him if he would.
Marcelino - Would be interesting. I'm in. He'd have us well drilled. Got some decent footballers to work with too.
Blanc - Unsure but doubt he'd come? Aiming higher.
Wenger - Wouldn't come
Moyes - Would come and I'd be okay with it short term at least if that's the way we're going to go.

Basically, anyone who we probably would get would be another punt. A gamble.
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