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Next Manager (Poll)

Next Manager

  • Arteta

    Votes: 214 18.4%
  • Gallardo

    Votes: 42 3.6%
  • Howe

    Votes: 66 5.7%
  • Benitez

    Votes: 216 18.6%
  • Mourinho

    Votes: 173 14.9%
  • Dyche

    Votes: 26 2.2%
  • Potter

    Votes: 6 0.5%
  • Wilder

    Votes: 12 1.0%
  • Simeone

    Votes: 128 11.0%
  • Mancini

    Votes: 34 2.9%
  • Marcelino

    Votes: 29 2.5%
  • Blanc

    Votes: 12 1.0%
  • Wenger

    Votes: 30 2.6%
  • Moyes

    Votes: 86 7.4%
  • Other, please state

    Votes: 89 7.7%

  • Total voters
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Player Valuation: £750k
Rudy Garcia, two second place finishes in a row behind juventus, elevating club like lille, started as scout, physio, scouting opponents, asistent manager.. He's free at the moment


Player Valuation: £6m
Wenger for 18 months with Arteta as coach lined up to take over
I'd go one step further and explore the possibility of bringing David Dein in too and sack Amanda Baxendale Barrett...I mean what on earth does she do day to day like? :Blink:


Player Valuation: £225k
I live in Bournemouth now and was talking to one of their training staff the other day. He was saying how anyone playing for Bournemouth at any level is expected to play at the same style no matter their age or status re squad from the academy to the seniors. It shows in their style of play and makes sense in a football way. Not saying Howe is the man but we need a manager with a vision like that
As someone who had a season ticket at Southampton for a while (forgive me) I recognise this was the model Adkins and Pochettino had implemented to good effect. Then, cough, Koeman changed it. Sometimes more money doesn't help, it can distort the thinking.


Player Valuation: £8m
Would love Simeone but it isn't going to happen.
Marcelino may be more realistic hopefully
Not open for further replies.

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