Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

Who would you want?

  • Frank de Boer

    Votes: 302 17.0%
  • David Moyes

    Votes: 56 3.2%
  • Manuel Pellegrini

    Votes: 152 8.6%
  • Ronald Koeman

    Votes: 286 16.1%
  • Other (please state below)

    Votes: 109 6.1%
  • Unai Emery

    Votes: 870 49.0%

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Player Valuation: £100m

....undoubted King of the GiFs.


Banned on request
In all seriousness, who had genuinely heard of this Monchi more than 48 hours ago?!

Haha this is true. Emery was a name many had come accross before this year but the only director of football names I know are commoli and Joe kinnear lol not clued up on dof roles in the game.


Player Valuation: £25m
Still not believing people on here going overboard on a manager whose record take away the Europa cups is

Miguel Muñoz Trophy (Segunda División): 2005–06, 2006–07
2009-10 Valencia 3rd
2010-11 Valencia 3rd
2012 Spartak Moscow sacked for poor results
2013-14 Sevilla 5th
2014-15 Sevilla 5th
2015-16 Sevilla 7th

He's won the Spanish second division twice, big deal!?!?

I thought we were aiming high?

First team managed- Lorca, resulting in the club’s first promotion to the Spanish Second Division in the clubs history. Second season got them to 5th in that division when they were 2nd favourites to be relegated. The season after he left Lorca they finished 21st out of 22 and were relegated. The club were founded in 2002 and disbanded in 2012.

Second team managed - Almeira,
first season in charge he got them promoted to La Ligua with a 2nd place finish, despite spending no money and relying on free transfers and loans. Second season he lead them to their all-time highest position of 8th in La Ligua. That season a total of £8.5m was spent on transfers.

7 seasons in La Ligua with a negative net spend of £146 million and finished 6,3,3,3,5,5 & 7, winning 3 Europa Leagues.

Moscow - overall win percentage 46% but sacked after half a season by trigger happy owner.

It's all about context when you're looking at a managers performance and when you look at the above its obvious we're aiming high!

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