New In-House Ticket Re-Sale Platform (no more StubHub!)

Lee Smith

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Everton Season Ticket Members will be able to resell tickets for games they cannot attend during the 2021/22 season when the Club launches its own ticket resale platform next month.

The facility has been created to assist Season Ticket Members if they are unable to attend matches, helping to ensure they are not out of pocket and to guarantee no seat is unnecessarily left empty at Goodison Park. The Club-created system will replace the third-party resale platform, StubHub, which was utilised by fans and provided by the former official partner between 2012 and 2020.

From early August (date TBC), Season Ticket Members will have the option to list their seats for any fixture they are unable to attend in the upcoming Premier League campaign, with fans able to manage the process themselves from their online ticketing account.

Season Ticket Members will receive a pro-rata credit on their ticketing account for each ticket sold via the platform, with tickets then listed for sale on the website at the face value for the given fixture. Official Members for the 2021/22 season will have priority windows ahead of each fixture to purchase tickets on the platform.

Credit earned by Season Ticket Members who utilise the system can be used for future ticket and Season Ticket purchases.

The new platform will give Season Ticket Members the flexibility to remove the ticket from sale if their plans or circumstances change. If a ticket is still unsold on the day of the game, the supporter will receive a reminder via text or email that their ticket is still valid if they wish to attend the fixture.

At launch, only adult tickets will be available for purchase on the re-sale platform. Season Ticket Members with concession Season Tickets can still list their tickets for sale, but anyone wishing to purchase tickets will only be able to purchase as an Adult. The functionality for purchasing concession tickets is expected to be introduced in the autumn/winter months of the 2021/22 season.

Revenue generated by the platform will be donated to Everton in the Community to enable the Club’s official charity to extend and enhance its life-changing and life-saving work across Merseyside and beyond.

The new service has been developed with vital input from the Club’s Fans’ Forum. The platform will provide a permanent solution for ticket resale at Goodison Park, with the Club continuing to work alongside fan groups to gather feedback in order to continue to develop and enhance the platform over the course of the season.


How far in advance can I list my ticket for sale?

You will be able to list your ticket for sale for any game in the season, as far in advance as you like. However, the tickets will only become available on the resale platform for that game once general admission tickets for the fixture are sold out or have limited availability.

Will my seat appear on the online resale platform as soon as I’ve listed it?

No, the tickets listed by supporters will only appear on the resale platform once general admission tickets are sold out or have limited availability.

How much money will I receive for selling my seat?

Season Ticket Members will receive the pro-rata price of their Season Ticket for any games they sell their seat for. This will be available as credit in the Season Ticket Members’ ticketing account which can then be used for future ticket and Season Ticket purchases.

Can supporters who have purchased a general admission ticket list their seat if they are unable to attend the game?

No, this service is only available for Season Ticket Members.

Can all supporters purchase from the resale platform?

Yes, from its launch, the resale platform will be open to all supporters. From the beginning of August, there will be priority windows for Official Members to purchase on the resale platform ahead of general sale.

How much will tickets cost on the resale platform?

All tickets available will be priced at face value for the chosen fixture and in line with the adult match ticket price band for the stand of the available seat.

What are the delivery options if I purchase a seat on the resale platform?

The delivery options are the same as the Club offers for general admission tickets. This includes mobile tickets, print at home or UK delivery.

Rudolf Hucker

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I'm taking full credit for this!!!!!! I spoke to the ticket office regarding it a few years ago (I'm sure I wasn't the only one).

Ive used something similar for Real Madrid tickets and it worked perfectly.

More importantly it'll stop fans getting fleeced for tickets.

You‘re not alone. I complained to the club that Ticketmaster were allowing the club’s own T&C to be broken. Greedy ST holders looking for 300 quid for some games.


Staff member
Most who praise the news have never used StubHub.

95%+ games, you could get tickets for below face value. Examples;

It's a shame the headlines were around the tiny minority of games (pretty much just the Goodison Derby) were you'd get a few idiots.

But, this change was always inevitable due to the negative PR - from people who never actually used it - around StubHub.
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It was a shambles of a system stubhub. Most people who bought tickets were tourists who didnt realise they bought a childs ticket and then had to pay an additional fee on top of that to upgrade it to a adult ticket at the box office on the day of the game when they were getting turned away by stewards at the gate.

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