New Everton Stadium Discussion


Big Fat Sam

Less than 12 hours before the renders .. still no leak on twitter.

I'm imagining that moshiri and meis walk into the stage tonight with two keys and have to simultaneously turn at the same time to project the images.

We all know Kenwrong will somehow be the one who does the big reveal, in typical West End style. Not seen all season, comes out tonight lapping it up, even though he's not spending a penny on the stadium.

Kinky Koeman

Player Valuation: £8m
Bet Dave is limbering up.


Player Valuation: £25m
Reckon he’s taken the day off work just to take on all comers? ‘Pfffft’ ‘same old same old’ ‘these are just pictures, I’ll wait until a spade is in the ground, drinking tea emoji’ ‘the Macron on a sewage plant, next’

It’s the biggest question of the day, will Dave take the line of liking the designs “but it’s never gonna happen”, or hating the designs “and it’s never gonna happen”. What a time to be alive.

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