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Surely super-duper Blue Bill Kenwright, the self-professed biggest Everton fan on the planet would be advising Farhad and Brands that Rafael would be a disaster, another short term failure because regardless of how he and the team performed we’d always be 1 loss away from a crisis. Imagine the comments if we lost the derby, the agent Benitez shouts. It’s just not worth it.

ste d' indica

Stone Cold Pineapples
You signed up here in 2019 and nearly every post you’ve made has been about Rafael Benitez with some really extensive knowledge of his past especially whilst at the RS.

What’s the deal with that?


Player Valuation: £20m
Assuming the club are doing their due diligence for a change I think it's common sense to maybe sound out all available options and like it or not (and I don't) Rafael Benitez falls into that category. Hopefully the club sounding him out (or his people contacting Everton which is probably more likely) is merely a box ticking exercise to say that they've explored all possible candidates. As someone said earlier, and i think they're right - if he was a genuine contender he'd probably have the job by now , or at the very least we would have seen some more solid links in the press.


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Where’s all this Rafael nonsense coming from. Getting battered off RS I know. What’s going on? Just leave us alone and let us wallow in our own self pity.
All Rafael's mates in the press are rooting for him to get the job. King, Bascombe, Maddocks and Joyce.

Richard Alex

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I seem to remember Rafael not directly calling us a small club
He said our performance on the day was like a small club as we were so defensive and negative. He probably had a point on fairness. Not like us to overreact like!
Don’t want him as manager though
The lad Fromm Lille is a good shout.
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