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Player Valuation: £70m
Id love to know where our fans get this idea that a new manager is suddenly gonna have these players running through brick walls giving 110% every game.

Are the same people home be saying “He needs more time to bring in his own players” if say after 6 months nothing has changed, which I 100% guarantee will be the same.

Moist took a team of bums into the top 4 when he was at Everton. Dont be fooled by this notion that this squad isnt good enough it is good if the right manager puts in 24/7 effort and creates a culture of hard work at the club.

In hindsight Carlo couldn't be arsed lets be honest same as Koeman. Martinez and Silva tried but were too flawed defensively.

Only one who did alright and wanted to stay at the club was Big Fat Sam and our fans cried because they wanted a shiny fancy name like Silva and Carlo.

The fans need to stop pining for some "name" manager and look to see that we are a club without an identity at present - we need someone with the long term drive and discipline to sort out this club and if thats Moist, Dyche, Biesla or whoever they get my support until its clear they aint up to the size of the job.


Player Valuation: £40m
For me the outstanding candidates are Poch and, (gulp) Moyes.

Poch has proven he can transition a team to top 6 in modern day era.
Moyes has proven that when he gets a squad clicking he too can get teams top 6.
Both should provide stability and that is what we need more than anything going into the stadium build.

Charles Hawtrey

Player Valuation: £50m
The difference is Carlo rewarded crap lazy players with the captains armband - Moist and Dyche would have booted em.

And Moist finished above the mighty Carlo who finished 12th and 10th with us.

Not everything is about a managers reputation all about what they bring to the table in terms of managing this group of players not some fairytale CL quality squad we hoped we were signing this summer.
Didn't Moist finish below Carlo last year? season 19/20 and also in 2011?


Player Valuation: £8m
we need someone with the long term drive and discipline to sort out this club and if thats Moist, Dyche, Biesla or whoever they get my support until its clear they aint up to the size of the job.
Nobody will stay at Everton long term unless they are incompetent. Anybody who succeeds to any degree will be off like a shot. We are a stepping stone club, like the vast majority in football. Next manager should get 18 months to two years and should need no time to assess anything. Hit the ground running or hit the road, Jack. The days of patiently waiting for a Howard or Alex Ferguson are over. Show patience and they'll be off to the next big thing as soon as somebody else bats their eyelids at them. We need a model of hiring coaches who can improve us in the short term and can be easily replaced because we have a dominant, highly-competent director of football as the club's chief guiding light.

As we have nothing of the sort, we're doomed.
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