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Next ex-Everton manager

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Player Valuation: £35m
TBF in the case of Unsworth, the manager has no say in the U23 team. That is Brands' remit, not the manager's. In the case of Ferguson, I'd hope whoever the new manager is wouldn't have Ferguson imposed on him and would be able to make his own decision about whether he felt he was worth keeping around.
Are you mad ?
Moshiri and Kenwright see Dunc and Unsie as part of the family.
Any new manager including Ancelotti , Conte or Galtier has to accept their involvement as a given.
And we wonder why this club has done nothing for years.


Player Valuation: £70m
Is right lad. I dont want anyone near Everton with any kind of notion of playing good football.
We want sean dyche growling on the touchline telling the midfield to sit in front of the back four and destroy. A less goals than game ratio.
Thats what we want. Here's your one goal per game and you'll be bleedin grateful for it peasents.
Fancy football? Ive never heard the like in my life.
You've been dyched.

Does Potter have a boozer named after him?

Forza Dyche!


Player Valuation: £70m
Managing a big club like Everton is a totally different and new challenge for many of the managers linked with us such as Dyche and Potter.
We finished tenth and it is a disaster, they finish tenth at present and it is job well done.
The overall job is on a scale they have not dealt with before and they have to try to come to terms with that while at the same time trying to build or rebuild a team.

They will probably not have dealt with players of the calibre of JR,Richarlison or Digne and they have to convince them to stay and work with them.
They have to deal with demanding owners and sceptical fans. They will have much bigger budgets and the demands that go with that.

A huge challenge and a huge step up where football is actually one of the least of their problems.


Player Valuation: £500k
Were always going to take our time with this one. No rush to get anyone in yet, still probably another 4 weeks until pre season starts
Fair enough but none of those being linked currently are blowing my skirt up. It is like a Primark sale. All the good stuff ie “Ones we can realistically get” are already gone.


Player Valuation: £25m
One thing is clear whoever we bring in he is not going to be universally accepted .
It's a risk no .matter who it is my choice
Would be Gaultier but if not anybody except Eddie Howe.
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