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Player Valuation: £40m
Wolves benefitted by having the "influence" of Mendes who manages quite a pool of talented players - my point was that if Numo came to us, the possibly we would have access to that same pool.
But he will always give Wolves first refusal as he has an interest there.


Roll Tide / Up the Toffees
Absolute dream world: Simeone

Possibly realistic and might be decent choices: Ten Hag, Gallardo, Favre*, Emery? (Given what he's done at Villareal)

Could probably do worse, but also could probably do better: Potter, Dyche

Back-up choices if everyone else turns us down: Moyes, NES, etc.

Please God no: Howe

* Favre looks good on paper, given his work at Mönchengladbach and Nice and early on at Dortmund. And he's available currently. He is willing to give opportunities to younger players, too. But his tenure at Dortmund flamed out pretty hard (basically a repeat of these last few months with Ancelotti - losing inexplicably to lower-level teams, having trouble keeping the team motivated, etc.), and he's already 63, so how long would he really stick around anyway?

I just can't see Conte here either.

stevie blott

Player Valuation: £950k
Prefer Scott Parker to a few of these above. Not seen his name in the mix.

My choice would be Biesla or Conte... But I guess that would be difficult.
Yeah throw money at Conte, another manager who would only come here for the wonderful beach strolls and the wacking great paycheck.


Welcome to Barcelonaton FC
Not arguing, we're now totally screwed. This summer was massive and it's in the bin already. Any and all targets based on Ancelotti are now dead in the water. The decent players we do have will be looking to get off the sinking ship.

We're done. All ambition, gone. Sets us back at least three years, probably five, possibly ten. It's not hyperbole; I don't see the point in supporting Everton or, with [Poor language removed] like VAR, even being a football fan anymore.

In the same boat mate.

Carlo knew what to do next. Where the problems lay. Had the name to persuade some big names to come and drive the team on.'ll have Iwobi, Sigurdsson, Gomes etc all waiting to show their new boss they're ready for the fight. The new boss will bring in a couple of decent players...Brands may have a gamble up his sleeve. None of it tangible or progressive just stuck....

Then there's the quality players we have that the vultures will circle as easy targets.


Player Valuation: £60m
Whoever joins gets my backing, even if its Eddie Howe (please God no!). I stand by everything I've said this season about us needing stability and a long term manager. I don't know who the answer is, and right now part of me doesn't care but I'll back whoever we end up with for better or worse.


Player Valuation: £225k
For me it’s got to be down to the club deciding on an exact style of play they want to set out, type of recruitment brands wants and pick the most suitable manager but no matter who gets the job our fans will hound them out after 2 years anyway

Charles Hawtrey

Player Valuation: £50m
if we learned one thing after Silva's departure it was 'don't pick from the ugly girls at the end of the dance'!
Until Carlo became available we were calling for Moist back.
The club have at least a week or two to make a decision. Anyone currently mentioned in 'the list' is not for us. Mosh has a tendency to knee jerk and we don't need that. Let Brands do some thinking, come up with a shortlist and explore the options.
See who fits what we want...
There is more managerial change to happen in the next 10 days I would guess.


Player Valuation: £70m
Can we stop pretending that "PREMIER LEAGUE EXPERIENCE" is needed? We need someone who has an idea of what they want to do, is OK with youth being an integral part of their "system" if they are good enough and is willing to see us through. We constantly get the worst of the worst whenever we aim solely at players and managers because they played/managed, and FAILED, for the most part in the Premier League. There are hundreds of other managers in world football, SOMEBODY has to be better than "MOIST/DYCHE/BFS/Rafael IVE BEEN PAST IT FOR A DECADE BENITEZ".

Just so sick of doing the same thing and wondering why it fails every single time.
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