2019/20 Morgan Schneiderlin

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If I could just have a troop of 50 good Schneiderlins I'd be able take over the Winslow and soon after I'd be entrenched by a group of 16 year olds and I'd be asking the barmaid for a white cloth.


Player Valuation: £70m
What annoys me is that its not hard to get the fans behind you here, we're not spoiled. You don't even have to even be good. All you really have to do is put in the effort and care and we'll have your back (see: Straq). He's never shown a bit of heart since he's been here and is the poster boy for rot that has infected the club.

There is a reason why not one club has not even contacted us about a cheap loan for him. Its because his attitude alone makes everyone around him worse.

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