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What was your highlight moment/moments of the season?

Obviously Doms goal is a big contender but I’ll go for Pickford’s save v Chelsea. Just incredible.
Iwobi's goal against Newcastle when down to 10 men.

Townsend v Burnley.

Gray v Arsenal.

Dom's flying header.

Mykolenko volley.

For such a poor season overall there has been some boss goals and huge moments.


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Gonna try and get in first here... (16 seconds to 1.10)

House lights go down, at the crescendo one light at a time....


Lee Smith

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For such a dog turd of a season, we’ve actually had some pretty memorable moments.

But for me, on a personal level, it’s probably Branthwaite’s equaliser at Chelsea. We go down there with a depleted team, on a bad run of form, expecting literally nothing from it, and then we undeservedly go a goal down in the 70th minute.

When we equalise about 5 minutes later, away end is going crazy, I hug my young lad who’s stood next to me and going mental, then when he turns around to me he just starts crying out of pure joy. The absolute fanny.

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