2019/20 Michael Keane

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Keane has been great since they came back, in away it shows up the likes of Davies and Gomes who did nothing to deserve a shirt next season

Ye wa? We lost 3 games, including getting stuffed by a relegated team at home.

Bizarre post.
I struggle to see the excellent form. A couple of the recent chances/goals we've conceded have been from long balls over his head and he is not strong enough physically/mentally either for me. He is a beast of a man physicality and balls going over his head should not even be an issue. He should be on the transfer list

How is it bizarre? His post lockdown form was solid and was recognized by most fans.
I'm not a fan so I may be more critical of him than others. As soon as Holgate was injured he looked lost and that is not something I want from an English international and someone coming into their prime, especially with such a young guy next to him who was playing League two recently. He seems to make basic errors, the amount of times he gets caught with the ball going over his head is criminal. For me it's him or Mina, one goes one stays.


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Ye wa? We lost 3 games, including getting stuffed by a relegated team at home.

Bizarre post.
to be fair i am one of his biggest critics and i have noticed a remarkable improvement since the restart.

im not going to criticise him for the bournemouth game because the whole squad was pathetic that day and didn't put any effort it, it was to be expected that we would be dominated by a side who needed to win to potentially avoid relegation and we had nothing to play for. First goal was a stupid handball by Richarlison. Second goal was a set piece but Keane wasn't to blame for that, third goal was definately pickfords mistake although Keane could have probably done more to prevent the shot being taken.

i think he has improved enough for me to considering keeping him around a little bit longer.

roy vernon

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We have defended very deep since the restart, Keane will normally do ok in those circumstances. It is once we move up the field a bit and he has an opponent with a little pace, when he becomes a liability.


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He played a couple of good games out of 9. He was part of the defence that conceded three against Bournemouth FFS.

He’s been an absolute flop since his move here.
The article is about post lockdown where he has looked really good which has been noticed by the fans, Not sure why you're throwing your toys out the pram over a feel good article for Keane.
I mean if we wanna go into the Bournemouth match where zero of them turned up and 2 of the three goals were 1 a stupid penalty and another a mistake from our own keeper.
Seriously m8 it's not that big of a deal.
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