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Player Valuation: £8m
I'm still not really on board with giving a potentially bad manager 'time' just because we need to give someone 'a chance'.

Just get a good manager.
I think it’s difficult to judge whether he’s a good or bad manage until he’s had time.

Would anyone have said Kendall was a good manager after 9 months? What about Ferguson after 9 months?

Cork Evertonian

Player Valuation: £30m
Koeman’s record in his 3 full seasons of being a premier league manager is 7th, 6th and 7th, decent considering the clubs he took over.

He is now classed as a “bad” manager by some.

It’s completely irrational and fickle.
Koeman is classed as a bad manager, because he wasted the biggest transfer budget, any Everton manager had enjoyed in 30 years by signing a load of duds.He was also a blert, who in his time here couldn't stop having wet dreams over the Barcelona job.

Cork Evertonian

Player Valuation: £30m
Literally ANYONE who had an interest in Spanish football would have known Koeman was a shocking manager from what he did to Valencia (the biggest club hes managed aside from possibly us).

Saying hes a good manager is just poppycock, theres no evidence to support this.

Also saying anyone not slating Kenwright isnt an Evertonian...well thats disgraceful.
Well i would class Ajax and Feyenoord as bigger clubs than Valencia, but yeah outside of the netherlands Koemans record is pretty meh.


Player Valuation: £8m
Looking at the season as a whole, so far with just 4 games left.

Currently 9th
3 points behind last seasons total with a better team, but we have 4 games to go. Man Utd (H), Crystal Palace (A), Burnley (H) and Spurs (A).

Beating 2 top 6 sides finally
Chelsea (A) 0-0 a good point against a top 6 side
Liverpool (H) 0-0 as above
Chelsea (H) 2-0
Arsenal (H) 1-0 should have been more

Huddersfield (H) 1-1
West Ham (H) 0-3
Liverpool (A) 0-1, enough said
Newcastle (H) 1-1
Watford (H) 2-2
Spurs dismantling us (H) 2-6
Leicester (H) 0-1
Wolves (H) 1-3
Newcastle (A) 2-3 with how the game went
Fulham (A) 0-2
Carabao Cup, Southampton (H) 1-1 losing on Penalties
FA Cup, Millwall (A) 2-3

46 points (1.35 per game), 20 points off top 4 but they do have a game in hand. 3 less than last season.
Scored 46 goals, Joint 9th most in PL with Leicester and behind the top 6, Watford and Bournemouth (Avg 1.35 per game)
Conceded 44 goals, Joint 8th least with Man Utd behind the top 5, Wolves and Newcastle. (Avg 1.29 per game)
Record W13 D7 L14 (Win 38%, Draw 21%, Lose 41%)

My opinion towards Silva has softened since February where I`d have said pack him on his way, since then we have won 4 (Cardiff, Chelsea, West Ham & Arsenal) Drawn 1 (Liverpool) and lost 2 (Newcastle and Fulham). Such is the season we are having that we get some good results followed something pretty horrific. I wonder if the players and management believe their own hype and are caught over confident or complacent or is there something else? How can the players lack ability when beating top 6 sides but are capable of losing to relegated teams who haven`t won for months. It must come back to attitude and desire, whatever it is ultimately rests on the managers shoulders. He will be responsible for every time he takes the wins, taking the plaudits but at the same time he cant blame the players for defeats, they are his responsibility as well.

Probably still in the out camp, my feeling is that with MS we are likely to be inconsistent and you will not get anywhere like that. I also feel is this the best person we can get for the job, perhaps it is and that is a real indication of where we are as a club right now. I am certainly all for giving a manager a chance but is the best we can do relegated managers? I want this board to be ambitious and live up to our motto Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, the club has lost touch with this I feel... #theblues
I think it’s difficult to judge whether he’s a good or bad manage until he’s had time.

Would anyone have said Kendall was a good manager after 9 months? What about Ferguson after 9 months?
I do agree with this. In a way.

You can only really go on what we’ve seen. Not just here but at other clubs. And it’s not great viewing.

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