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All I'll say is this

If you're willing to crucify Marco for making bad subs and bad tactical adjustments, then you must also credit him when he saves a game with good subs and tactical adjustments

Otherwise you're just being disingenuous
It amuses me mate. One rampant anti Silva poster logged off last night at about 11pm, with his usual rant. The same lad logged back on this morning about half 8, and pretty much posted the same post.

Flaming weird if you ask me.


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He got lucky today - we could/should have been buried in that first half.
Unfair, I think, and a bit of a lazy SKY-opinion for me. We weren't good by any stretch, but 'buried' is a massive exaggeration. Their chances were not ones you'd expect to go in. Reflected in the xG -- they only had around 1 in the first half. So losing 1-0 yes, buried no. It also discredits Silva's impact on the second half and his management of the game after going ahead.

Agree though it's another victory in which things have generally gone for rather than against us.
Ha Ha Ha.

He has zero movement or touch for a front man.

We need an attacker.
We have one, we just don't support him

That doesn't suit your anti-Brands agenda though

No, Brands must be targeted, so the striker doing his best in an impossible role must be sacrificed to achieve it

I've been here for six years Dave and I see right through you. I know exactly what you're doing in why

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