Homepage Article Marco Silva ‘We go to Anfield to win’


Player Valuation: £70m
I just wonder, we should have won some derbies and it was sheer luck we never.
Now that everyone expects us to 100% lose could we come up with a win.

I'm going for it 0-0 at half time. Second half richarlison runs from his own half cuts inside the box laying robertson on his backside, and curls it into the top corner.
Liverpool hit the bar twice after this and mane hits it wide in the 93rd minute after being put through.

The after match interviews are done 15 minutes after the final whistle on the pitch with our fans singing in the background.
Ha ha, nice things and victory’s there,
Don’t happen to us mate


Player Valuation: £25m
History of sports is littered with upsets. It can be done. But they will batter us if we sit back and pass sideways. Silvas only chance is to be compact but aggressive. Real aggressive and long ball not inviting them on by playing out from the back. Dcl cant hold up the ball so that's a problem in the tactic. He cant play that bag of rubbish anymore. Can kean do that at his young age?It's worth the risk to start him or else richie up front.
When it comes to pure law-of-nature like statistical chances of averaging a win and lucky, blind coincidence that go against the odds, Everton are firmly outside the space-time continuum.


Player Valuation: £25m
Of our recent managers, he's the one I'm desperate for to succeed. He seems like a nice person and it's clear he's trying hard to make things work here. Been unfortunate with injuries and some terrible referring/VAR - think the current league position is incredibly harsh. That said, things haven't been good enough simple as.

Gone with the right mentality, if we sit back we'll get battered. Need to get in their face early on like we did at Anfield and even Goodison last season - they were scared at Goodison and couldn't put a string of passes together. Fans going also need to make as much noise as possible, which I'm sure they'll need no encouragement on. Don't mistake it, the pressure is well and truly on them at the moment too and they've shown signs in recent weeks that it could falter soon.
Nice people don’t try and leave their new club after less than half a season!

Ralphie Boy

Player Valuation: £5m
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, or give them a good kickin, prevent them winning the prem and fear US for January's cup game!


Player Valuation: £40m
“Let’s go with big motivation and with big courage to embrace the challenge"

A message lost on the faint-hearts here.

I'm not sure what weird alchemy this is but I agree with Dave... We moan about him not being able to lead or motivate then when tries to publicly get the fans and players up for a big game we moan that we haven't got a chance.


Player Valuation: £70m
I'm not sure what weird alchemy this is but I agree with Dave... We moan about him not being able to lead or motivate then when tries to publicly get the fans and players up for a big game we moan that we haven't got a chance.

I woke up this morning at circa 6 a.m.and was wide awake, as I always do on derby day.

There is no point anyone moping about all day long dreading this game.

I am loving it :)

Embrace the possibilities.

The way I am looking at it, this is the perfect opportunity to kick start our season and exorcise the ghost of Pickfordgate, the geme which done for the early Silva era optimism from a year ago.

And I shall maintain this mindset unless events at The Pit unfold differently.



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