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I swore the whistle went in that play.

If we're actually going to have to play past the whistle then the game is literally over.
I'm pretty certain it did and so did Digne, other players and the commentators. If the whistle is blown, the ball is dead and it really should be simple as that.

The VAR didn't give a penalty (it couldn't have been a penalty based - see above), but then it said the offside decision was correct when he actually looked onside.

I've just said to my missus: I do not understand the rules of football any more. I do not think the officials know the rules any more either.


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It's going to kill football, you can't even celebrate a goal properly, think about a time when you have gone proper mental at a goal and the absolute sheer joy it gave you.
That's gone while they look at 5 or 6 reasons why they can rule it out.
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